This Time Tomorrow

by Ian Peacock

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When Monday Comes Verse 1: We gather here today, to fellowship and pray To gaze upon our king, to focus on your ways We meditate on truth, encouraged once again To sing with all our hearts, To give you thanks and praise Bridge: May worship flow in all we say, think and do Chorus: When Monday comes will we still be singing? As we awake to face the day In every moment, every place Declare your beauty, love and grace When Monday comes Verse 2: In fields and factories, school and nursery In cafes, clubs and bars, council, care and police At home, at work or play, in sickness and in health In towns and villages, and on the city streets Bridge: May worship flow in all we say, think and do Chorus: When Monday comes will we still be singing? As we awake to face the day In every moment, every place Declare your beauty, love and grace When Monday comes Middle 8: Every day as sacred as the Sabbath and the feast Everyone as precious as the pastor and the priest Every space as holy, whether church or home or street Every soul invited from the greatest to the least
Living For Your Mission V1 You have called us out of darkness, from the shadows into glorious light You have saved us from distraction, and have called us into action Once we lived without a purpose, worked for money, thought about number one Now we’re following the Saviour, love for God and for our neighbour CHORUS We are living for a mission, We are living for the mission of God We have made a firm decision, We are living for your mission V2 Jesus open doors and windows, opportunities to share the good news For your great plan of salvation is for reconciliation Sin has caused a separation in the hearts of disobedient souls Death has reigned supreme since Adam and you long to bridge the chasm MIDDLE 8 Why God would choose to use us, we'll never know A motley crew, His truth to share As Christ's ambassadors we are called to go and make disciples everywhere ALT CHORUS Are you living for a mission? Are you living for the mission of God? Will you make a firm decision? Are you living for the mission?
Be Our Strength (Shout To God) Verse 1 There’s a time for weeping and there’s a time to mourn But now is not that day, now is not that day There’s a time for grieving and there’s a time to cry But now is not that day, now is not that day Bridge Today I’ll decide to firmly fix these eyes upon the author of our faith And today I’ll give thanks, whatever the circumstance And offer the Lord heartfelt praise Chorus Shout to God, all the people sing, let the sound of praises ring For the Lord has done great things and may we rejoice in him always Everyday may an anthem rise, spread the gospel of Jesus Christ In the valleys and through the trials Come let the joy of the Lord now be our strength Verse 2 There’s a joy for sinners that we can’t explain It stands in spite of pain, like sunshine through the rain There’s a hope within us that we can’t contain Assist us to proclaim the glories of your name Middle 8 I will sing of your love in the morning, your faithfulness in the night You have filled this poor soul with gladness and the strength to fight
Outrageous Grace Verse 1 You caused a stir when you healed on the Sabbath, You went for dinner with sinners and blaggers You welcomed women to sit with the men and learn You told it straight to the proud and the pious, showing mercy to the wayward adultress You put a ring on the finger of a wreckless son Chorus: Outrageous grace, outrageous grace, You broke all the rules, you silenced the fools, the last given first place Outrageous grace, outrageous grace, Inviting the meek and broken to feast, to taste and to see that you are good Verse 2 You hear the cry of the widow and barren, you brought your kingdom with a foretaste of heaven You grant justice to the one who persists and prays You said ‘forgive and you will be forgiven’, and only those who die are really living You leave the ninety nine to search for the one who strays Bridge: Outrageous, that Jesus, the saviour was crucified, The sinless for the shameless, the blameless for the brazen died Courageous, contagious through the ages The grace of God which calls us and saves us, it cleanses and sanctifies
The Spirit of Jubilee Verse 1 Living like brothers, sisters and friends Each blessing received is shared with those in need Selling possession, breaking our bread There's always enough when humbly placed at God's feet Bridge Another world is possible Right here on earth like heaven Chorus This should be good news to both strong and weak Welcoming all into the fold, treating the foreigner like our own This should be good news to both rich and poor Breaking the chains of wealth and the fear of death In the spirit of Jubilee Verse 2 What if we took a Sabbath rest, trust God provides and knows what is best What if we only used what we need, leaving some fruit at the edge of the field Verse 3 What if we cancelled everyone's debt, the slave could be free, the slate would be clean In each generation gave back the land to whom it belonged, a once in a lifetime chance
You Live Today V1 The bible's not a manual to help you fix your life It's more potent than dynamite and sharper than a knife Each story has a context, an author and a goal There's proverbs, songs and history contained within its scroll Chorus And every word is useful for training and rebuke Every single chapter is full of precious truth The word then dwelt among us, the scriptures came to life The prophecies fulfilled in Jesus Christ V2 Too often we are tempted to read between the lines To cherry pick the verses that fit with our designs But God's word is unchanging, it's earthy and it's real He didn't take into account the way think or feel Middle 8 Jesus, you're the word, the word of truth The image of our God, His living proof Come Spirit do your work, may we bear fruit and show the world you live today
The Scandalous Son of God V1 Scandal it started before you were born, your mother a virgin, the family was torn Who was the father that brought such disgrace, Mary and Joseph could not show their face Fled from a tyrant, a child refugee, grew with the stigma, a shamed family tree And then in the temple, you opened the scroll, and claimed: 'This was written of me' CHORUS The scandal surrounding the pure Son of God Such scandal cause by the innocent one The scandalous Son of God V2 Scandal surround you all of your life, an outspoken preacher, no home and no wife Misunderstood and accused by the proud, of stirring up trouble, inciting the crowd They called you a glutton, a drunkard, a fake, a host of traditions you taught folk to break Then like a convict, they led you to die, and laughed as they crucified MIDDLE 8 Our God is not safe, he can't be contained Offends the religious with outrageous claims He cleared out the temple, he brandished the whip He walked on the water and steadied the ship He calls out the demons and dead men awake He gives slaves their freedom, the prison chains break To follow this Jesus might lead you to death The cross still offends to this day...
God’s Generosity V1 May we give according to our means that righteousness will spring up from the seeds Let’s offer time, resources, wealth and prayer to serve the poor, reflect a God who cares Bridge 1 For every cheerful giver knows we’ll reap just what we’ll sow Our all sufficient Father longs for fruitfulness to grow Chorus Though He was rich, He became poor and by His poverty grace overflowed Now all we have we lightly hold, God’s generosity we’re called to show V2 No one can serve both Jesus Christ and wealth unless they compromise their spiritual health So we must make possessions to be slaves or they will master and replace the one who saves Bridge 2 And all we treasure we will keep within our precious hearts So may your gospel there be found and we will play our part
Naturally Supernatural Verse 1 The blind will see and the lame will walk The deaf will hear and the mute will talk As we bring your good news to the poor The same power that raised Christ from the dead Is in those who believe in what He said So by your Spirit we will go Bridge Heaven come down, clothe us in power Chorus We wanna be naturally supernatural We wanna be fighting for the Lord in battle We’re gonna be stepping out in faith to see your kingdom come We’re gonna be reaching out to friends and neighbours We’re gonna do all we can to make you famous We’re gonna be praying for the lost to see your will be done Verse 2 All those held captive will be released People broken and wounded will feel Your peace And righteousness will fill the streets Jesus said greater things would come Than the miracles by God the Son Ask and believe it will be done Middle 8 Holy Spirit Come
The Risen King Verse1 The world was waiting for a saviour, a king to rule with a sceptre in his hand But Jesus left his throne in heaven, a humble man led to the slaughter like a lamb Bridge Though he was dead, now he’s alive He is returning for his bride Chorus Jesus is the risen king, the first among the dead - this I know! Oh death where is your sting? It’s been swallowed up in victory You rolled away the stone from my heart And now I live in your resurrection power Verse 2: And if there is no resurrection, we hope in vain and should be pitied all our days. But Jesus broken, shamed and crucified, A guarded grave, from which he rose on the third day!
This time tomorrow Verse 1 This time tomorrow, where will we be? Out on the frontlines and battlefields As kingdom agents of love and grace To spread the gospel in every place Verse 2 This time tomorrow, I'll face the day Though stress may follow, I'll quietly pray In every burden, in word and deed The love of Jesus will work through me Chorus And there will never be an end to the mission of God Until every tribe hears that Jesus is Lord Where the soil is hard and the labourers few We will sow in faith and proclaim the truth With the people of faith and those covered in shade We will shine like stars in your heavens displayed For the sake of the lost, we will never give up We will carry the cross this time tomorrow This time tomorrow Verse 3 This time tomorrow, the world awaits an invitation As God narrates a bigger story, for all mankind No greater purpose a soul shall find Middle 8 May our bodies be an offering As we work with all our hearts Every area of life surrendered to the Lord
V1 When your kingdom comes what will stay the same? Will we work for love or financial gain? Always soaked in sun or will there be rain? Everlasting joy in exchange for pain? V2 When you come to rule, bring your government Will the poor be filled and the rich be spent? Every restless heart feel a deep content? Every prison closed, every soul repent? CHORUS Until that day we will act and pray We’ll obey your word in all we do and say We will show the world Jesus is the way As it is in heaven, may it be today V3 There will be no crime, no disease or death Not a bomb or gas to pollute our breath Every work of art, every film and song As a pure response to the risen son MIDDLE 8 Your kingdom come, your will be done On earth just as in heaven V4 Everyone will see, just as clear as day God will walk with us, speaking face to face When the pure in heart with the meek on earth Will be born again with a second birth


Much has been written about worship in recent years and Christians often use phrases such as 'times of worship' and 'sacrifices of praise', but what is worship and how do songs relate to it?

I have come to understand 'worship' as everything we do which consciously honours God; everything from washing the dishes and playing with my kids, to taking minutes of meetings and trying to tell people about Jesus.

It seems there is a growing desire among many for the songs we sing in church to relate, not only to the greatness of the God we worship, the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross and the power of the Spirit, but to what worship looks like in everyday living. The songs we sing should help us to connect with the grandeur of God and the big story of eternal salvation whilst being grounded in temporal reality; engaging not only our hearts and spirits, but our minds too.

This album is my first attempt at doing that. Like most albums, some songs are better than others, but my hope is that some will help you connect with God and remind you of the bigger story you live in every day.

If you would like to contact me, email me at:

May we all still be singing this time tomorrow, out on the frontlines and battlefields of God's mission.


released May 3, 2014

Thanks to Neil Hudson ( for your advice with the lyrics - you've helped me really think through what my songs are trying to convey.

Thanks to Frank Walsh at TVA Productions ( for your honest feedback and attention to detail in post production.

Thanks to Fay Lowe (violin), Liz Pilling (cello) and Morag Peacock (bvs) who played/sang on the album.

Thanks to John Barlow ( for your inspirational artwork direction.


all rights reserved



Ian Peacock Manchester, UK

Ian has played in bands for over 20 years, most notably headlining the UK Play stage at Leeds Carling Festival in 2000 with a former band, ‘Coasta’. He has written, produced and self released five albums: 'Life and After' (2009), 'The End of Faith' (2012) and 'This Time Tomorrow' (2014), 'Still Human' (2015), 'Ordinary People' (2016) in addition to several E.P's. ... more

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