Where's The Justice

from The End Of Faith by Ian Peacock & Friends



We live in a world where bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people - fact. We are reminded of such injustices every day by the media (not many good news stories seem to get much exposure do they?).

Yes, this can be depressing but I do believe there things we can do about it. Firstly, we need to be informed. Many injustices, such as the persecution of Christians all over the world (in places like North Korea, Nigeria, and Iraq for example) go unreported.

Secondly, we need to have compassion, to try to imagine what it would be like to live the lives of those who suffer.

Thirdly, we can act. Often, we can actually do something practical about many injustices (such as giving time or money to charity, helping an ill or disabled neighbour or relative, protesting and speaking up for those who have no 'voice'.)

Then there's the scenarios where we are absolutely helpless. Where only miraculous intervention would help. For those situations, we can pray to the One who is all loving, hearing every cry, and all powerful, able to intervene in the most hopeless of scenarios.

Jesus promised that one day He would return to restore complete justice and peace to the world, that He, the servant king, would rule the nations along with those who love Him. I believe that is going to happen one day - God, speed the day.


When men's hearts are hard and they love themselves
and hate their neighbours
When a child abused can be ignored
When the masses starve
while their government recline at the table
Another family made of refugees

'where's the justice?'
where's the justice?'

How the media is more concerned
with the rich and famous
than with the persecution of the church
When a precious soul, is sold for gold into slavery
While the criminals are walking free

Are we too cold to even care
or just consumed with our affairs?
To think of those whose only pray
Night and day, they're asking where

Where's the justice?, Will we cry: 'where's the justice?'

God of justice, send your justice

But soon enough, there'll come a time
A judgement call for every crime
The light will dawn, the Son appear
The darkest clouds of sin will clear

God of justice, will send His justice
God of justice, speed your justice!


from The End Of Faith, released October 22, 2012


all rights reserved



Ian Peacock Manchester, UK

Ian has played in bands for over 20 years, most notably headlining the UK Play stage at Leeds Carling Festival in 2000 with a former band, ‘Coasta’. He has written, produced and self released five albums: 'Life and After' (2009), 'The End of Faith' (2012) and 'This Time Tomorrow' (2014), 'Still Human' (2015), 'Ordinary People' (2016) in addition to several E.P's. ... more

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